Yesterday, I went for a ride. Just 20km, to get my muscles used to pedaling even after a hard ride (which it was on Sunday). It was nice and smooth, maybe even a bit boring, but I was lucky with the weather all the same. When I got home, I knew I could have done at least double the distance.

So today, I did. To make it simple I like to do out and back trips, that way, I can’t even get lost. Easy-peasy! The weather forecast was not promising: heavy rain. Nevertheless, I put on my long bike pants and the new softshell jacket and went out. For the first 35km, no rain, minimal wind, and it was fun, too. Actually, it felt light and easy, which could be because I took it easy from the start. The last few km were done in pretty heavy rain and I got soaked – but it was still so much fun, which makes me so happy.
Down in the garage, I managed to fall over with my bike again (second time in three days!), and this time it really hurt. I hit my head pretty hard and was happy to be wearing a helmet… I don’t know why this keeps happening, it hasn’t ever happened before. I need to be more careful.

What I’m thinking of doing is beyond crazy. It is ridiculous and I’ve done nothing like this ever before. But maybe that is why I have to do it. People will think I’m crazy, but I know deep down that I can do this, and that I could be good at it! Maybe it’ll help me find out what exactly I want to do with the rest of my life..