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I used to love just hanging out and watching movies. Or spending the whole day watching a season of a TV series I like. Or reading two books in one day (yes I can!). But ever since I’ve adopted a new, way more active lifestyle, sitting around being unable to do anything is mind-blowingly annoying.

I guess that’s what you call cabin fever. Obviously it isn’t helped by the fact that I’m home alone Monday to Thursday night, or that every time I have to get up it is a complicated shimmy off the couch. I would usually cook a ton of stuff but it sounds a bit dangerous to do chopping with my left hand, I might end up with a finger cut off on top of everything else 😉
At least I am getting a new cool book delivered this afternoon, plus of course I can just download stuff onto my Kindle. And enjoy the sunshine from my big comfortable chair. I just hope I can get back to training really, really soon!


  1. naaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    don’t be lazy! route-planning, airline checking, navigation research, diggin for the wheel set with dynamo, tools, clothes… hell a lot to do.

    ok ok, how’s the book?

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