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If you wait…

…for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done. October is here. In Germany, this can mean one of two things: either golden, beautiful, warm weather with falling leaves and sunshine. Or foggy, cold, damp weather that will motivate you to stay indoors, drink copious amounts of tea and wrap up in a snuggly blanket.

Unfortunately, October starts with the latter, the kind of weather we’ve had in Munich for a while now. It is the kind of cold that creeps into your skin. The fog tends to lift a bit by mid-day, but it doesn’t really get any nicer. This is fine weather for watching a new episode of Bones.

Instead, of course, I put on multiple layers of clothing and get on my bike to get a long-ish training ride in. I’ll be horseback riding tomorrow morning and afterwards driving to my family’s house for the long weekend (Alf, the bike, is coming with me of course), so no biking tomorrow. I’m currently looking for a nice 100km route around my hometown. Luckily, it isn’t far from where the Ironman Frankfurt bike takes place, so I can use part of that route, too.

Yesterday, I got all signed up by The Adventurists and they’re working on my profile. So exiting! I still haven’t figured out when to break the news to my family who have NO IDEA though. I’m curious what they will say!


  1. Wow, mental strength and determination will see you through, sounds like you have lots of both. I found Jedidiah Jenkins writing about his 7000 mile trip to Patagonia inspiring, he sums ups the difficulty of breaking from ‘normal expected life’ to doing something amazing and rewarding such as you –

  2. Hey Rich, thanks a lot for the article! I can relate to the author, I feel pretty much the same right now!

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