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Will cycle for food

Oh, how I love the fact that when you have cycled for a few hours, you can basically eat whatever you want and not gain a gram of weight. My thighs are slowly solidifying – makes me sounds like a stick of butter, but it is true – and all the food I keep on stuffing into me goes to building muscle. So far, Boot Camp Napoli has made me lose weight, which is amazing considering the amounts of food I eat.

Perfect. So, what did we do the last few days? After doing hills for four hours, there was a break day, which was much appreciated. We did girl stuff (shopping, mostly) and ate our own body weight. On Friday, we did a long day – 135km and quite a few hills, too. It was an amazing cycle, a little outside of Napoli where the roads were luxuriously smooth and the air not as stifling.

Saturday we spent kayaking on the Mediterranean, a great upper body workout, and relaxing in natural Hot Springs afterwards. No cycling on Sunday either which was a proper rest day, meaning we sat at the beach, had a few beers and read a book. Everyone needs days like that.

Today, it was back to the bike. Somehow, we really felt that it was Monday. First Juliana got a puncture (bless my thick 28mm tires, they have so far taken the beating without a hitch), the drivers were exceptionally awful, we cycled into the wrong direction to Decathlon, then Decathlon didn’t have what I wanted which was new gloves since mine are falling apart,… Luckily, the rest of the ride went smoothly after an exceptional Espresso. The steeper hills didn’t feel quite as bad as last time I did them, and if I pushed myself more, I managed to even go up a bit faster and not drop below that discouraging 10km/h line too many times. Good times, I am actually getting stronger!

Tomorrow will be a long day and apparently, Wednesday will serve to test my stamina when it comes to that bitch of a hill. We decided to call it The 13 Tiers. I would like to add ..of Pain. If I make it up 7 times, I am deemed a strong cyclist. Honestly, I am more worried about making it more than twice.

Thursday I fly back home to a flurry of Christmas parties, horseback riding, strength training and family visits. Once December is over, it will be time to focus completely on cycling, and if this means 8 hour sessions on the turbo, so be it.



  1. Quark futtern! Mehr Eiweiß je Schmeck gibts nich. o/ ‘n paar Früchte oder bissl Marmelade ran und nommmm

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