When temperatures hover around freezing and the roads are slick with rain, cycling can be a dangerous affair. Not to mention the pain of putting on multiple layers of clothing just to soak in your own sweat and have your feet and face freezing anyway. But while I still forced myself onto the bike when it was 3-5 degrees celsius, I’ve finally given in and got the turbo trainer from the basement. Now, you know what training on the turbo means, right? Basically you’re taking all of the fun stuff out of cycling – the being out and about, seeing places, feeling the wind in your face, taking a break for coffee,… – and instead focusing on relentless pedaling. At least I can watch TV and put the ventilator in front of me for a light breeze… the long and steady riding is good for your fitness though. Afterwards, I did some strength training – mainly for my upper body, supporting the shoulder and all.

Luckily, the lovely Juliana Buhring invited me to train with her in Naples this winter, so I’m actually flying down to Italy on December 2nd to get my ass kicked in style. I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up tons of advice from her and get a boost in cycling fitness on top of that, in warm weather, too!

What else is going on right now? Well, I’ve finally rolled out my fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, which will run for two more months. It seems to be starting out quite slow, but I’m sure it’ll gain some traction. The other fundraising dimension is writing to companies and media outlets directly. I’ve got a first interview lined up for December, so there’s a start.