Today, we did ‘hills’. This is code for arduous climbs over and over again. Basically, we descended to sea level (about 1000 meters of altitude if I am not mistaken) and then climbed and climbed and climbed. Every strenuous climb was followed by a sweeping descent, sometimes with amazing views of the coast, and there even was a sightseeing break to see some Roman ruins. Still, it took everything I had in me today.

Apparently, I have more strength in my legs than I dare believe. Otherwise I would not have made it up every single time, without getting off, even when it would have been faster to walk.

Yes, it was hard. Yes, sometimes my thighs were yelling at me to take up competitive video gaming or any other activity that doesn’t involve pushing yourself so hard all the time. However, the pushing is the fun part about hills. It hits the sweet spot, that area that is just beyond what you are able to do. Without the sweet spot, one does not become any better.

Juliana asked me, after a big lunch of a Mortadella, Antipasti and Mozzarella Sandwich, “More hills or straight home?”. Remember, home means climbing a bitch of a hill. She basically asked me whether I wanted to torture myself, or torture myself a little more.

I chose more hills. Why not test your limits once in a while? After four hours of climbing hills, I was done. A bit of Torrone, some magnesium, lots of water and a hot shower, that is all I had in me to do after that. Maybe I could have cycled on, but only on a straight road for sure.