There is no use in training muscles to perform singular motions since it doesn’t teach them to coordinate properly. Well coordinated muscles lead to better stability and reaction, minimizing injury. Thus, even when you’re training for a big race such as the World Cycle Race, there is no use in ONLY cycling.

As you know I’ve been working out twice a week, courtesy of my trainer Florian, who has been whipping me into shape quite successfully. Today I got the chance to try out how functional the training is.. turns out, very!
We participated in a Biathlon workshop in Ruhpolding. Of course I was put into the beginner’s group (good choice, actually) since I hadn’t been on cross-country skis since about age 10 or so. I’ve never been a naturally gifted skier but I’m also not a total klutz. We learned how to maintain our balance on one ski (whilst moving, imagine that), push off, break,… all very nice in theory, all very difficult in practice.
In the end I did manage to skate for a while and even get some decent form for a couple of paces, but it never lasted very long. The classic technique is too ingrained into my skiing brain. The shooting part was actually kind of fun, though I did have to do a lot of penalty loops… 😉

I keep on waiting for my muscles to be tired but the truth is, though it was exhausting, my muscles aren’t really exhausted. It was amazing to feel how much stability I now have in my core. I’ve never felt this strong in my life. Let’s hope it can translate to all the strength I need on the bike! Today in three weeks, I’ll already be on my second day in France…