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Packing for the TCR No 4

In a month, I will set off to Belgium for the start of the Transcontinental Race. It will be my biggest race to date, and I won’t stand a chance against my female competitors, but since I don’t have any explicit time restrictions this time the goal is just to finish and have a grand adventure.

However, I’m still packing as light as I can to get as many kilometres in per day as possible. The last few trips have helped me determine what I really need and what’s nice to have.
I am planning to almost exclusively sleep in hotels during the TCR. Even though it takes up a little more time than crashing behind a hedge, it’s been great for my motivation, and frequent showers help keep saddle sores at bay, too. Saves a lot of weight and space in my bags.
In any case I plan on enjoying the heck out of this!


2x (bib) shorts (Gore Xenon and Assos)
1x Jersey (Ahrberg Monkey)
1x base layer (Ahrberg)
1x merino T-Shirt (Kaipara)
2x socks (Falke)
1x running shorts (Brooks)
Down vest (RAB)
Rain jacket (Auguste 86)

Clothing Accessories

Knee warmers
Sun sleeves (double as arm warmers)
Loop (Ahrberg, like a Buff but better)
Short-finger gloves (Specialized)
Overgloves (Roeckl Malvas)
Shoe covers (Gore)


1x spare tube (Schwalbe)
Patch kit with tire boot (Lezyne)
Tire lever (crankbrothers)
Pump (Lezyne)
1x brake cable
1x gear cable
1x SRAM PowerLock 11sp
1x Shimano 11sp pin
4x spare spokes (2 of each length)
derailleur hanger
Multitool (crankbrothers), includes chain tool and spoke key
Single allen key no. 5
Chain oil
Zip ties
Nail scissors
Bike lock (BBB MicroLoop)
Spare lights, battery powered


SPOT tracker Gen3
Garmin 800
iPhone 5
5000mAh PowerBank
Headphones (Bose)
Wall plug
Cables (Lightning, Micro USB, Mini USB)

Hygiene and meds

Small bottle of Bronner’s Soap
Toothbrush & paste
Small amount of moisturiser (Eucerin, SPF20)
Sunscreen (Neutrogena)

Buscopan Plus
Aspirin Effect
Neosporin cream
Iruxol N cream
a couple of small and large band-aids
Pristine water purification tablets


SaltSticks with caffeine
Bivy bag (TiGoat Ptarmigan)


Revelate Designs Terrapin & dry bag
SpoK Werks top tube bag
SpoK Werks handlebar bag “Quickie”
2x Revelate Designs Feedbags


So, what’s to know about my list? Right, everyone wants to know the weight. Well, everything with the bike including my two Specialized Purist water bottles, filled (700ml each), weighs 15kg. That’s good enough in my books.

Clothes that are not worn and the bivy bag (for emergencies and very warm nights where I find a great spot, you never know!) go in the saddle bag along with the small bag with cosmetics and meds. It’s a waterproof drybag, so there is no risk of getting my warm layers and waterproofs wet.

Clothing accessories go into the handlebar bag for easy access, along with the wallet, pump, chain oil (these two items are too big for the tool bag) and snacks/food. It’s actually mostly empty so there will be a lot of space for storing food (important!!!).

Tools go in the top tube bag, except for the spokes which go inside the seat post.

The bottles are in normal bottle cages. Alas, the Feedbags are open for electronics (in Ziploc bags, iPhone will mostly be mounted on the stem, Garmin between the aerobars), sunscreen and more snacks or drinks. Could stash a can of coke in one of them or use it to hold a coffee cup in the morning!

The SPOT tracker is mounted on top of the saddle bag as I’ve always done it. That way it’s far away from the other items using GPS and has a clear view of the sky.

In terms of lights, I’m running a B&M Luxos IQ2 off an SP dyno hub. Rear lights are two B&M IXXI on the seat stays (USB rechargeable, they last around 15 hours) and one Supernova LED light (sold by Road ID) on the seat bag. I’m carrying a second Supernova LED light as a back-up, it is very light (20g) and small but powerful. Also it’s powered by standard CR2032 batteries which last about 250 hours in flashing mode.







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  1. Best of luck! Ride safe.

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