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Packing for the Silk Road Mountain Race No. 1

It’s that time again, time to put everything on the bike, lay it all out on the floor, put everything on the scale, do spreadsheets and fret about grams here and there.

Without much further ado I present to you my packing list for this year’s grand adventure: the Silk Road Mountain Race.
It reads a little longer than the one I posted for the Transcontinental…


TarpTent Double Rainbow
Exped SynMat UL S
Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt
Exped air pillow


MSR PocketRocket 2 gas stove
Alpkit 650ml Titanium pot
MSR Insulated Cup
Snow Peak Titanium Spork
Small piece of washcloth
Matches and Piezo lighter


2x bib shorts (Gore Bike Wear, with zippers for peeing)
1x sleeveless base layer (Ahrberg)
1x Merino T-Shirt (Kaipara)
1x long sleeved base layer (Ahrberg)
2x socks (Falke)
1x Merino leggings
Puffy jacket (Patagonia NanoAir Hoodie)
Rain jacket (Gore C5 Active Trail)
Rain pants, 3/4 length (Montura, untested)

Clothing Accessories 

Gloves (Specialized BG Gel; Dissent 133 waterproof over gloves)
Knee warmers (Gore Bike Wear)
Buff/Scarf/Headband thing (Ahrberg)

Hygiene and Medical Care

Small bottle of Bronner’s Soap
Toothbrush and -paste
Tampons (lucky me!)
small pack of wet wipes
Toilet paper
Extra hair ties

Sawyer Mini water filter
Care Plus water purification drops

Chamois Cream (Assos)
After-ride cream (Assos Skin Repair)
Neosporin cream
Iruxol N (for saddle sores/pimples that are getting bad)

Band-Aids in different sizes
a course of Antibiotics
Buscopan Plus
a couple strips of KT Tape
Alcohol wipes
LeukoStrips (wound closure)

Tools and Spares 

2x spare tube (Schwalbe, Maxxis)
Patch kit (Park Tool) with glue
Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo Pliers
Leatherman Sidekick (with pliers, knife etc.)
Topeak Super Chain Tool
single allen keys (4 and 5)
Torx key
1x brake cable
1x gear cable
4x brake pads
Derailleur hanger (in my case, a rear dropout with an integrated hanger)
2x KMC chain locks
Tire levers
Chain oil
Zip ties
Pump (cheap but excellent one I bought in Korea)
Small cable and padlock


SPOT Generation 3 tracker
Garmin eTrex 30x
iPhone SE
Zendure Powerbank 26.800mAh
Charging cables
Wall plug
Headphones (Bose)
Batteries (AA for Garmin, AAA for tracker, both Li-Ion)
Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II with extra battery
Headlamp (Black Diamond Ion)


90 SaltStick capsules (6 per day), half of them with caffeine
60 BCAA capsules (4 per day)


6x freeze-dried dinners (Expedition Foods, Travellunch, Real Turmat)
1kg Peanut Butter M&Ms (really!)
8x Clif Bar
2x 400g Milupa baby porridge
6x beef broth cubes
16x coffee sticks (Starbucks VIA)
15x small packet of Haribo as gifts for kids

Let me explain the baby food. The stuff I’m taking is calorie-dense (420kcal/100g), it is best with hot water (so, warms you up on a cold morning), easy to digest, contains a ton of vitamins and – hello! – it’s delicious. Ellie wasn’t the biggest fan of anything porridge-y so I usually ended up eating most of what I’d make for her and I didn’t mind too much.

The Peanut Butter M&Ms are easily explained: that 1kg bag has over 5000kcal. And they go down easy.






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  1. Hi! How things gone with the powerbank? I’m planning a bikepacking trip in a very remote area. Does the Zendure power bank works well?

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