My old bike was nice. It is a classic and after only 1000km on it, I signed up for the WCR. But it was too big for me, too heavy and the geometry is all wrong for me, so it wasn’t ever a candidate for going around the world. That honor goes to my new bike, a pretty BMC endurance road bike. I spent about a month reading reviews, looking at bikes, learning about the different types of components (I’m not a bike geek… yet) and finding out what I need and want. I found tons of bikes that would have been nice, but in the end, one recommendation stuck. It being a 2013 model it was a bit cheaper as well, an added bonus.

And it is red. We all know red bikes are the fastest! I read somewhere that when choosing a bike for cycling around the world, it should be one that you have an immediate emotional connection with. Sounds stupid, but I think this is true. You always care more for things that you find awesome, for whatever reasons.
When this bike came in the mail yesterday, I literally jumped up and down out of pure joy. I finished building it, snapped some pictures in its virginal state (it will NEVER be that clean and pretty again), took it for its first ride and grinned from ear to ear the whole time. Today I took it out for 50km and it was Incredible. Such a sweet ride.