Four days after hitting the pavement, I feel ready to get back to business. The first two days were spent in a painful stupor, and slightly infected wounds didn’t help. After a trip to the local doctor and much better wound dressings (and powerful pain meds for the night) I improved dramatically. Still, I’ll be seeing an ortho guy next week to make sure I don’t damage anything by racking up my training again.

While I’m practically ready, my bike is still in the shop getting a makeover (after riding it three times!) – new handlebars, bar tape, saddle and straightened wheels. It won’t have the pretty white bar tape anymore, but an even more comfortable compact bar drop, also the new components are quite a bit lighter than the old ones. It is somewhat sad to change a bike I’ve only owned for less than a week, since I fell in love with it right when I unpacked it for the first time. But I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it all over again when I go pick it up.
As a bonus for being a profitable customer, the shop is giving me a free fitting session on my own bike, fine-tuning my position and the contact points for optimum performance.

In the meantime, I’ll dust off the old Alf and take it for a slow and easy spin around the block, 20km of reminding myself that I can still ride. On Sunday, I didn’t get the 80km in that I had planned. But the accident only sidelined me for three whole days. Here’s to getting back in the saddle.