Life is short. And it usually begins right outside your comfort zone.

I was never a cyclist, or an athlete though I’ve always loved being outside and getting dirty. But I’ve always admired those people who actually do what they love instead of just talking about it. So I decided to become that person.
When I first picked up my dad’s old steel road bike in 2010 I could barely do 30km on it, and all I had was a pair of very old cycling shorts. I rode with platform pedals and ordinary tennis shoes.

Fast forward to 2013. My husband and I were supposed to go on a hiking trip to Spain but at the last minute we decided that we didn’t fancy the long drive and really wanted to spend some time in our new home in Munich. We took the vacation money and spent it on making our road bikes road-worthy again.
I still remember that first ride together. We rode 35km to a nearby town, had beers and great food, and I contemplated taking the train back. I didn’t, and I felt like a million bucks afterward.

That was the beginning of a love story.

Two years later I enjoy trying out new things (like Fatbiking), pushing my comfort zone (doing bikepacking races) and just plain having funĀ outside, riding through the woods with my two dogs or zipping along the roads on my road bike. There are so many fun things about cycling, I can’t seem to limit myself to a style or bike.

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